Introducing Clyde!

He's here! Actually he's been here for over a month. Taking to raw like a champion. When he first arrived I didn't feel he was healthy like he could be- his coat was not real soft, he had a funny odor about him and his breath already smelled of rotting kibble. Ugh. I would say in about 3 days time I noticed all those things clearing up and I swear he has the silkiest fur of any cat I've ever felt. Clyde's favorite food by far is whole quail. It's like candy to a kid! I have discovered though he will eat most everything except rats. He wants nothing to do with them which is fine- more for Waverli! She actually serenaded her rat carcass last week. I couldn't figure out what she was carrying on about and when I got up to check, there she sat in the washroom with her 3/4 eaten dinner singing away.

Back to Clyde though. He is 4 mos old now, growing beautifully, and gorging himself a few times a week when he goes thru yet another growth spurt. For kittens and puppies, I am a strong supporter in letting them regulate themselves until weight becomes an issue (if it ever does). They need an awful lot of calories to keep up with all that growing and I for one cannot say for sure when they are needing more food more often. Both Waverli and Clyde, as well as Emily, have been/were great about eating what they need, when they need it. This is such a different concept from kibble where the strict feeding instructions are on the back of the bag. And make sure you don't feed large breeds too much or they'll grow too quick and beware of protein levels, etc.


  1. I took in a stray last summer who has switched nicely - mind you she was very very skinny when she followed me home(even though I had a 60lb dog with me). She was better about eating raw at the start but is now spoiled like my 13 year old cat and only gets ground beef with egg shell and ground organ mixed in. Like old Mojo she turns her nose up at the chicken necks she happily snarfed down in the first days she was with me.

    I wish I could afford whole prey for the cats or that they would at least eat some bone. Mojo is missing half his teeth from a lifetime of kibble(it took me an entire year to switch him to ground meat and he barfs up chicken every single time)and refuses to eat bone. I'm going to have to start daily brushing with the cats soon but am not looking forward to it ... better that than the band-aid of every other year dental work at the vets though.

    Nice to see you are growing your family and super funny about Waverli singing for her supper :)

  2. Ground raw is better than no raw! While there's no oral benefits, atleast you have some health benefits of natural, real food vs processed. Brushing a cat's teeth is not something I'd want to try though. It sounds dangerous? ;)

  3. Thanks :)

    I'm grateful that you didn't give me a hard way to go - I wish I could be doing everything you are but I can't. I am doing better than kibble or commercial raw so I try not to feel bad that I can't do it exactly the way I would like. Although I guess we all feel that way sometimes.

    Yeah, I'm not looking forward to the tooth brushing. Before I switched my big dog I would brush her teeth and she loved it. I've read you need to ease into it with cats.

  4. Cassandra,

    It's not my position to give anyone a hard time. We all do the best we can with what we have and that's all that matters. I'm happy that you have found what works for your cats! Keep up the good work.