Back with an update

FINALLY huh? Alot has been going on and since I still get an occasional comment about "hey I miss your blog posts.." I thought I'd pop in and give some updates. I pretty much ran out of material to blog about. I did however dress out my very first groundhog that happened to be pregnant with 8 little ones. While sad (don't worry, I didn't hit her with my car- someone else did) I was delighted to have the opportunity to observe anything bigger than a mouse embryo. I took pictures which I'll post later today.

The co-op began to fall apart at about March. The amounts the stores were ordering went down, thus a great decrease in "waste" and then it just got worse. I switched the contract out of my name so we could add a new store (which I had no time/money to do myself) and after that fiasco we still have no new store. The program was great for co-ops in the beginning but then unforeseen events turned it more towards a 1-2 person membership.. not 10.

On a non-raw note, Trevor, Amos, Waverli, Emily and I are moving! We aren't moving to another state, but we'll be 20 mins from where home is now in the next county over. I'm getting ready to close on June 14. The house is only 900 sq ft but it has 4.6 acres, enough for my beags to run and play (I plan to fence in the 3 acre-ish field next spring I hope) with a beautiful pond stocked with fish and geese. I have enough room to raise quail and rabbits and maybe a few chickens and the closest neighbor is still far enough away for privacy but close enough to get to in an emergency. I have not met them yet but my real estate agent (who happens to be my best friend from elementary school) has spoken with the husband across the field (yelling.. awkward hah) and he says they are anxious to meet me. My neighbor to the other side is seperated by a large pasture that they have a small pony in that Emily is in love with. Well, actually, the pony started it by nickering to her and following us around up and down the fence on our very first visit. She wanted to play with him but it was just not happening. They'll have to continue their love relationship thru the fence.

On another semi-raw-but-not-really note, I hope to be adding another raw cat to the fam when I move. He's already born- feral taken in from my dad's house, and out of 6, only he and his tiny sister survived. The mother smothered 3 of them and the other got very sick with a resp infection and passed. The female was sick as well but she pulled thru, however her growth was very stunted. The male is atleast twice as big as her. She is quiet and he is a fearless explorer at 4 weeks old! I've debated on a name for the longest time (since he was born really) but I believe now I'm truly set on Clyde. Like Bonnie and Clyde? I think he has a similar personality. He's a black longhair, which I've never seen a male one before; they've always been females. His sister is a black longhair too. I'd take her as well but I think one person, 2 20 lb dogs and 3 cats is all my small house can take. In about 15-20 years I'll be tearing down the current house and building what I truly want. Yes, we're setting down our roots. I couldn't ask for a better first, and forever, home. Oh and baby Clyde will be raw fed too.. in case you haven't guessed already. The point of the rabbit and quail raising is to feed the damn cats so I can stop going broke from online shipping!