MO Recycled Meats- an up and coming sucess!

I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately- the co-op is keeping me on my toes and very, very busy. I just began reflecting back on how all of this got started. I mean really, how it began.. not just the formation of the co-op.

It all starts with him.

I'm just truly amazed that this whole journey has progressed from finding Amos, a pitiful stray, to food allergies, to months of research about diet, finding raw (BARF), then switching to prey model, onto the raw feeding list to help educate others, creating this blog a year ago to finally getting a co-op up and running. But not just any co-op. One that helps people afford an appropriate raw diet for their pets. One that takes hard work and turns it into miracles for those who say "I almost had to switch my dog back to kibble because food was too expensive." As the owner, I don't make a dime off anything. I don't sell the meat and take a cut, it's all donated food that I spend countless hours of my life a week picking up, sorting, and preparing for the final destination- people's freezers and dog and cat tummies! It's truly a labor of love. Yes it gets stressful and close family and friends can often times hear me complaining about the kinks that haven't yet been worked out. And sometimes things just go wrong but I have my faith set in this cause and with teamwork and alittle elbow grease, anything is possible.