Feeding down the venison and getting ready for more

My mechanic is supposed to give me all the deer he gets this season which is great.. however I also plan to buy a few more sheep and still need room to store the weekly 361 lbs from the co-op. Will my 19.8 cu ft baby be able to hold it all? Right now the kids have been eating on venison for a looong time. Like.. 4-5 times a week. Emily is getting tired of it and refusing to eat much and Waverli is "bird chirping" at me for some whole prey, dang it! (You'll be happy to know she did receive a whole quail and rabbit this afternoon.) Is everyone else cleaning out the old stuff and getting ready for hunting season too? I am pretty excited to try this "skin a deer with a car" method on the ones I get this year. I told Joe he just needed to gut since everything will be pulverized from the shot and deer tripe I just don't think I could stomach (pun intended) right now. Who knows what they all eat anyway.. tree bark and acorns? Some grass? No idea. Atleast with a sheep you know it's just grass in there. Still have 2 ducks left but they're not going over well again.. should I even call the receptionist at my old vet and ask if her hubby wants to get rid of his kills again? The taxidermist is another option I might exercise. Afterall he is only a mile and a half from my house.

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