Ever wonder...

.. what happens when you put a chicken thigh in a Vita Mix? I did and found out it makes a disgusting looking unprocessed Spam product. I was attempting ground food for Trevor, as he refuses fat, skin, bone, organ and not having a handy grinder, but a food processor, I gave it a whirl (literally). Turns out Trevor hated the pate' and I used it to stuff Kongs for the dogs. Waverli, my non picky cat loved the chicken paste but I didn't get her used to it for fear she'd demand, essentially, pre-chewed food. You just never know with cats. If only I had gotten a picture before I used it up. I have the rest in Kongs now but it doesn't show the full effect unless it's globbed in a container on top of itself.. with all it's fatty, stringy, weird colored goodness. I think if Trevor refused pureed raw I won't bother with a grinder. On to Plan B which hasn't been formulated yet.

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  1. When my cat is being a snot bag about eating something, I will food process some of her favorite meats with whatever she's being a brat about. Maybe he would like pate flavored with a little something tasty? (I use a shrimp, because Athena will sell her soul for shrimp.) So far this method has not made her pickier. If anything, she has become less so.