How to skin a squirrel

1. First, you need the victim. Place it belly down with back legs outstretched as pictured.
2. Pull the tail over the back and sever the bone, cutting about a 2" wide strip of hide about half an inch up the back. Make sure the tail stays attached to the skin. Cut up over the thigh in a V shape on both sides. Step on the back legs and pull the tail towards the head to remove hide.
3. Help the skinning process by inserting a finger between the muscle and hide to loosen and continue pulling forward.

4. Curse as the tail begins to rip and one leg comes completely off the body.

5. Yank the skin harder as it refuses to separate.

6. When the abdominal contents begin to spill out and the other leg comes off, pick the squirrel up and throw it.

7. Retrieve squirrel and at this point continue skinning without any regard to method.

8. Once the skin is up to the neck, cut the head off and be done with it, damnit!

9. Marvel at the finished product and praise God it's over with! Rinse in cold water, bag up to freeze or feed immediately. Make note to attempt this again only if the squirrel is fresh off the pavement and not previously frozen for 6 months.
**For a wonderful video on skinning a fresh squirrel, click here


  1. HAHAHAHA!! Very funny post and fun to read.
    Why do you skin? Won't the animals eat the whole prey?

  2. Well, only Waverli will eat squirrel religiously and Emily takes 3 days to finish one piece. Haven't tried Em on fur yet but for Wav I find it easier to skin large animals than feed in fuzzy chunks. That and she's vomitted up squirrel hair more than once. She does eat whole prey though as most of her diet. The one-meal animals I leave fur on but larger things like rabbits and squirrel I skin and cut up.