Containers or bags? Part 2

It's coming along! Right now I'm thawing more venison out to put in containers. Switching from bags to containers and all this thawing and repacking is alot more work than I'm used to but once it's all done and I start packing fresh meats in containers right off the bat then it will definately be easier than bags. I am SERIOUSLY loving the fact I get a container out in the morning for dinner or the night before for breakfast and it thaws- no leaks! I can get used to this. :)


  1. It looks easier to find something too!

  2. I do bags, but only because my freezer is not big enough to handle containers. Which is a shame since we have like thousands of Tupperwares here at my house - literally.

    But looking at this makes me realize how easy it could be if only I could find a way to fit containers in the freezer. Hm....

  3. About every week now I eliminate another 10 lb bag of chicken of gallon bag of venison. It's really coming along nicely. While I don't believe it is going to maximize my freezer space, as there are gaps in between the containers, I do believe my life has gotten easier. Take a container out and thaw. No leaks, no messing with the obnoxious ziploc closures. And no waste! I love that part of it.

  4. I wonder how the logistics of containers would work with critters and meat/bones/organs?

    I keep trying to organize our apartment-sized freezer for giant boxes of critters and approximately 10lbs of meat & such per month for our new kitten, Nova. I'd been using containers for the critters simply to maximize freshness/make them last as long as possible... but with making everything fit... ziplocks (as irritating as they are!) seem to be the only things that can get everything to fit alongside human food.

    I'm envious of your chest freezer. :) Especially now that Crookshanks has a little brother that eats twice as much as she does.

  5. Well, I still have the 5.whatever cu ft freezer all in ziplocs and there's no room to spare as far as gaps like with the containers. I'm keeping whole prey in bags though. I think I might use the smaller freezer for whole prey and anything that needs to go in ziplocs and put the containers in the big freezer. Not sure how I want to do that. I'm sure things will be rearranged all the time! Right now I just need to feed thru this dang venison!