Containers or bags? Part 2

It's coming along! Right now I'm thawing more venison out to put in containers. Switching from bags to containers and all this thawing and repacking is alot more work than I'm used to but once it's all done and I start packing fresh meats in containers right off the bat then it will definately be easier than bags. I am SERIOUSLY loving the fact I get a container out in the morning for dinner or the night before for breakfast and it thaws- no leaks! I can get used to this. :)


Talking to chicken

Emily: Alright, so let me get this straight. You're delicious and nutritious?


Containers or bags? Part 1

Does this sound familiar? You get a bag of meat out of the freezer for Fido and before you know it, there's blood and meat juice all over the counter.. possibly running down to the floor! And then when you look at the offending bag the holes are so obvious it's a wonder you missed them before. This happens to me all the time and bag after bag I toss into the trash, normally only after 2-3 uses at most. So, I've decided the freezer is getting redone and I am putting most meats in containers to freeze. I'm redoing this alittle at a time as things get thawed and packed.

This is what I bought at Dollar Tree. Ten of them to be exact so I got 20 containers total. These are the Deep Square variety but after some unsuccessful attempts at getting the chicken in one I think I might buy a longer, shallower container. These should hold 1-2 days worth of food for my trio, depending on what's in it of course. Like for instance if it's rabbit, well, Amos won't eat rabbit so it'll be on Wav and Emily. If it's fish then the girls won't eat it but Amos will. If it's chicken then likely Wav will be eating whole prey that day and the dogs will eat on the poultry. If it's venison though, all 3 will eat it enthusiastically and therefore the container will only hold a day's worth. Oy.. the planning boggles my mind but it will all be worth it.

Here's the mess as it stands. Ugh.

More to come..



How to skin a squirrel

1. First, you need the victim. Place it belly down with back legs outstretched as pictured.
2. Pull the tail over the back and sever the bone, cutting about a 2" wide strip of hide about half an inch up the back. Make sure the tail stays attached to the skin. Cut up over the thigh in a V shape on both sides. Step on the back legs and pull the tail towards the head to remove hide.
3. Help the skinning process by inserting a finger between the muscle and hide to loosen and continue pulling forward.

4. Curse as the tail begins to rip and one leg comes completely off the body.

5. Yank the skin harder as it refuses to separate.

6. When the abdominal contents begin to spill out and the other leg comes off, pick the squirrel up and throw it.

7. Retrieve squirrel and at this point continue skinning without any regard to method.

8. Once the skin is up to the neck, cut the head off and be done with it, damnit!

9. Marvel at the finished product and praise God it's over with! Rinse in cold water, bag up to freeze or feed immediately. Make note to attempt this again only if the squirrel is fresh off the pavement and not previously frozen for 6 months.
**For a wonderful video on skinning a fresh squirrel, click here


Happy Birthday Waverli!

Waverli celebrated her 2nd birthday on June 25th! I cannot believe she is that old. Seems like yesterday I was waking up every 2 hours to feed her. She got 3 large scallops and a shrimp for her presents (things she only gets once or twice a year so it's always special) but nothing too exciting for dinner that night though I should've fixed her up a rat or something. Maybe next year.

Emily's first post

Just look at this face.. the face of trouble! Emily is home and has been since June 19. Are you wondering why I haven't posted? It's because she's running me ragged! By the way, it's her tan coming in, she's not prematurely aging. She's losing that puppy frizz and the tan is creeping up her back legs, shoulders and moving up her head towards her neck. What a daredevil though! She attacks bees in the yard, tries to jump off the deck, jumps on the cats like a rodeo rider and tempts death (ok not really but it sounded daredevilish) by trying to steal Amos's food. She's nothing like Brie. AT ALL. But, I love her anyway for her obnoxious personality and keep telling myself she'll get better with age and training.. lots and lots of training.

The first 3-4 days were rough on her tummy as we ditched the SD and EVO (I bought her the EVO so the rescuer had something better to feed her since she couldn't come home for 3 weeks) and went with plain ol' chicken. Nothing but mucus poops and lots of them. I've never seen so much mucus in my life. There was no blood or diarrhea, as in, I need to be let out NOW 'cause I'm gonna poop my crate! so I removed fat and skin and let it work itself out. We celebrated the first solid poop and she's been fine ever since. She likes chicken the best, but has eaten rabbit, turkey, pork and mutton in exactly that order. Her appetite is waning a bit and she's not eating until her belly is round like a watermelon anymore. She gets as much as she'll eat but it's probably only 2-3 ounces each sitting and she's by no means getting pudgy. I think she needs to put on some weight but not because she looks unhealthy or thin. I haven't gotten any eating pictures yet- don't ask me why! I will post some up this week. Emily gets so excited over breakfast, lunch and dinner that she dances around my feet while I'm getting things ready. Sometimes I dance with her. The first time I ever handed her a piece of real food she looked at me in disbelief and then cautiously ate it while I cheered her on. Then I gave her another piece and another until she was full up and waddling around. The shock soon wore off after she realized every meal was going to be just as delicious as the last. It's the greatest thing having a raw fed puppy. I can already see an improvement in her coat and I believe she is so satisfied chewing and crunching bone that she doesn't have the energy to even chew bully sticks or the couch. One more point for raw! All I ever hear from owners of kibble fed pups is how they won't stop chewing on everything. I'd be interested to know if it's just coincidence I don't have destructive puppies or if a prey model diet really is fully satisfying the need. I'm open to comments on this!

More pics and stories to follow!