Pastured chicken

I love the idea of raising my own chickens for dog food (because I certainly wouldn't be eating them!) but the most exciting part of it all would be raising them naturally. This is a topic I've dabbled in for quite awhile but unfortunately where I'm currently living chickens are not allowed. Doesn't mean I still can't dream and plan for the future, right? I've found this link that is somewhat of a diary on starting your own pastured chicken setup and also a link for chicken "tractors" which are the movable enclosures for housing birds in. When raising pastured rabbits, chicken tractors can also be used with some slight modifications.

Getting Started With Pastured Chickens
How to Build a Chicken Tractor Cheap
Raising Chickens for Meat

Just some links to spark the imagination.. I am sure it's way more in depth than this. Still, I would love nothing more than to have the satisfaction of raising my own animals and making sure the living conditions and slaughter are as humane and respectful as possible.

Here seems a good start about raising rabbits.
Life as a Polyface Apprentice


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