Fifty Two days with Brie

Those were the most wonderful days of my life. I spent an amazing fifty two days with a dog that never let her sickness get her down for long, and was strong enough to get back up and fight again. For 7 weeks Brie fought distemper but in the end it took her soul and a body without a soul isn't much more than an existence. After her last seizure I felt her change, right there in my arms and I knew I could not put her thru everything the doctors were saying had to be done, only to prolong her existence which would be very short due to the progression of the neurological issues. Who exactly would be benefiting from that? Not Brie. I chose to let her go, the hardest thing I've ever had to do. After the valium and before the injection I already felt her leave this world.

Brie has taught me so much in the short amount of time we had together. Things that we hear that are almost cliche but have taken on a new meaning.. things like keep your loved ones close and don't take for granted the time you have on this earth because you never know when it's up. Loyalty, strength and courage in the face of adversity are all things she demonstrated on a daily basis. The most important thing, I believe, that Brie has taught me is love for life and for the simple things like a warm, sunny day or a few minutes to cuddle with someone you love. Even though Brie is not here physically, her spirit is all around. I talk to her often, and she has recently sent a puppy into my life that is coming home towards the end of this month. She will be a little wolf too, just like her big sister, and I believe Brie will help teach and guide her as she does with me everyday.


  1. *HUGS*

    I am so glad that you still feel Brie close to you, even in the afterlife. I'm also glad that she's found a way to send you a special little girl. You need a pup like Jane just as much as she needs you. I can't wait to hear of your adventures with her.


  2. Congratulations, Heather! Glad you've found a new little one!

    Post lots! And piccies, too!

  3. What a beautiful testiment to Brie! It brought tears to my eyes. I'm so glad you feel her with you and that she'll be there to guide your new little love into the wonderful world of being a carnivore.

    Take care,