Second Chance Ranch Rebuttal

Many of you (atleast new people) type in something like "raw diet for dogs" or "raw feeding" into the search box and get bombarded with good and bad links. The most prevelent bad link is from Second Chance Ranch which, sadly, has turned many people away from feeding their pets a species appropriate diet. The raw fed myths page has a great article that challenges and beats the tar out of the accusations and downright lies and scare tactics that the owner of SCR proposes. Enjoy!



  1. Rawfed.com is one of the first things I found, and the myths section is one of the first things I read. :)

    It's important to keep these links and have them as ammunition and as just good solid information. If not only to defend ourselves, but to relieve others and help keep the good information out there. Really, just to support the people who put it out there. Rawfed.com's myths section certainly helped me when I was beginning. Your blog has certainly helped me in more ways than I can count... just being able to read about another person's similar experiences and not feel as though I'm a lone nut. :) I think that's what really matters.


  2. Hi Adrianna! I'm glad to hear my ramblings help atleast one person. ;)

    Rawfed.com is probably the most useful website in response to "attacks" on species appropriate diets, but my favorite then and still favorite link is Jane's rawlearning.com. I love the way she dissects "professional" opinions on raw diets and accomplishes much of what the myths page does. I rode on her confidence until I was able to stand up for my own self. Now I'm to the point I don't argue outright, but I get my little jabs in here and there.

  3. I did not know the existence of website about second chance ranch..My current vet support raw diet now but she first recommended to get appo with canine nutritionist. What she most worried about was nutrition rather than danger of bacteria or bone. After awhile, she sees my dog and see white pearly teeth with good build,coat etc and she praise me I do good job for my dog. I think that some people tend to put human nutrition or human theory into dog care and may perceive what it is good for us is good for dogs as well.
    When people that say rawdiet did not work out and experienced continuous diarrhea or did not work out for bone stuck in tummy is probably due to handlers error most part,I suspect.I like the way I feed,no food additive,no preservatives(like BHT,nitrate etc),no salt,no fortified with vitamins...I think fresh food is always better than processed food.
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