Easter Egg Hunt

One thing I try to do every year is an Easter egg hunt. I decorated them, of course, and "hid" them (in plain sight) around the yard. Amos and Brie each got to find two eggs. Now, how they were decorated is really quite genius! I put one drop of food color into the end of a qtip and drew polka dots, squiggle lines, flowers, etc on the eggs. To make purple I added one drop of red and one drop of blue together. One drop of red and one of yellow made orange and so on. They turned out real cute. If your dog loves eggs then make next Easter fun and give them an egg hunt! You can hide one or several (judging by your dogs bowel tolerance obviously) and it's as much fun to draw all over them as it is for your dog to find them. It might be worth saying do this outside - you do not want egg all over your carpet! Can you imagine how bad that would smell? Eck.

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