Brie's first pork neck

I feel this is like those "Baby's first tooth" or "Baby's first steps" type things. Brie had her first pork neck today. I fed her some boneless pork I got from CL awhile back but I think it may be enhanced because she got some upset from just a little of it. These meaty necks I got for 50c/lb at my local processing plant that does local hogs and doesn't add anything to the meat. I think she enjoys real food more than the SD at the shelter (which I'm supposed to be getting a free bag from the company directly soon!) *grin* Brie gets really involved in the eating process and comes out of it covered in meat bits and blood. She doesn't clean herself up either so I just wet a warm washcloth and clean her paws, legs and entire face. Hehe. Enjoy the pics.

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