Ah, puppies grow so fast..

Can you believe it? This is Brie at 14.5 weeks devouring a bone-in chicken breast which, BTW, she ate all of. I'm happy to say her appetite is picking back up but I think it's only because of the pred she's on (to reduce any throat or lung inflammation). Her coughing and nose discharge is still hanging around despite 5 different meds and 4 weeks. It can't go on forever! Eventually it will go away (I hope).

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  1. It is nice to see how she is enjoying raw diet and,her appetite is getting back.Watching the clip put a smile on my face:-P

    Isn't it nice to watch our dogs enjoy eating meal with this much of enthusiastic/excitement??

    Our Corgi "Palette" drool on meal sometimes and, she does this butt-wagging thing (since she has no tail..) when she knows food is coming.Today,she enjoyed mackerel to her heart content.

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