Rendering plant

Here's a video I found from Dirty Jobs that shows the details at the rendering plant from pickup to processing. It's quite disturbing but this is what is in cheap pet foods that contain "meat and bone meal" as their protein source. I'm for no waste as well but some things such as the intestines, fecal matter and stomach contents should not make it into the diet of our carnivores.

Dirty Jobs - Rendering Plant


Ah, puppies grow so fast..

Can you believe it? This is Brie at 14.5 weeks devouring a bone-in chicken breast which, BTW, she ate all of. I'm happy to say her appetite is picking back up but I think it's only because of the pred she's on (to reduce any throat or lung inflammation). Her coughing and nose discharge is still hanging around despite 5 different meds and 4 weeks. It can't go on forever! Eventually it will go away (I hope).


Easter Egg Hunt

One thing I try to do every year is an Easter egg hunt. I decorated them, of course, and "hid" them (in plain sight) around the yard. Amos and Brie each got to find two eggs. Now, how they were decorated is really quite genius! I put one drop of food color into the end of a qtip and drew polka dots, squiggle lines, flowers, etc on the eggs. To make purple I added one drop of red and one drop of blue together. One drop of red and one of yellow made orange and so on. They turned out real cute. If your dog loves eggs then make next Easter fun and give them an egg hunt! You can hide one or several (judging by your dogs bowel tolerance obviously) and it's as much fun to draw all over them as it is for your dog to find them. It might be worth saying do this outside - you do not want egg all over your carpet! Can you imagine how bad that would smell? Eck.


New link for Australians

Carnivore Feed Supplier now has a group for Australians! The link is updated to the Lis List (under "Finding cheap meat" section) now and falls under number 23. For quicker reference, here is the link by itself.



Second Chance Ranch Rebuttal

Many of you (atleast new people) type in something like "raw diet for dogs" or "raw feeding" into the search box and get bombarded with good and bad links. The most prevelent bad link is from Second Chance Ranch which, sadly, has turned many people away from feeding their pets a species appropriate diet. The raw fed myths page has a great article that challenges and beats the tar out of the accusations and downright lies and scare tactics that the owner of SCR proposes. Enjoy!



Brie's first whole prey experience

Doesn't she have a long neck? I think it's like a turkey. :) Brie ate her first mouse a few days ago and surprisingly she knew exactly what to do. She would chew and then play a little but I think it's more having fun with her food than being clueless. Since I only buy mice for Waverli I won't be giving Brie mice hardly at all other than to add in a little variety. If she goes for whole prey it'll be easier to feed her squirrel since a little fur doesn't bother her. She has eaten squirrel too.. and that's free so I have no problem letting her pig out on that!


Flickr group

Here's a group specially for raw fed pets! Post your pics and take a gander at all the other gorgeous dogs and cats (no ferrets yet..) eating a species appropriate diet. This is a nice compliment to the story section here (which has been put on hold due to lack of emails) because not only can you read here how people got started but you can visit the flickr group and see how incredible healthy other pets are. Mighty convincing if I do say so myself. I am adding this to the Getting Started section as well.

Raw fed flickr group

Brie's first pork neck

I feel this is like those "Baby's first tooth" or "Baby's first steps" type things. Brie had her first pork neck today. I fed her some boneless pork I got from CL awhile back but I think it may be enhanced because she got some upset from just a little of it. These meaty necks I got for 50c/lb at my local processing plant that does local hogs and doesn't add anything to the meat. I think she enjoys real food more than the SD at the shelter (which I'm supposed to be getting a free bag from the company directly soon!) *grin* Brie gets really involved in the eating process and comes out of it covered in meat bits and blood. She doesn't clean herself up either so I just wet a warm washcloth and clean her paws, legs and entire face. Hehe. Enjoy the pics.

Sorry for not posting!

Oh gosh I am sorry I've neglected this blog for weeks. I'm pretty exhausted since adopting Brie and getting only 4-5 hours of sleep at a time- sometimes less. I also work three 12 hour days in a row so once my days off come I'm recovering half the time! Brie has been sick for the past 2 weeks with a secondary bacterial infection. She hasn't stopped hacking and the vet says she's treated dogs that do so for a month but usually it's 14-21 days. I'm up with her some nights all night holding her and trying to settle her down and provide some comfort because she is miserable. Been thru 10 days of doxy and clavamox and the vet has been called numerous times only to assure me as long as she's eating, drinking and active that she'll be ok. It's harder to believe that sometimes but there's been some slight improvement and I've been watching close for signs of pneumonia. It's something that just takes time.