Raw food beginnings- Kelly and Kip

Why raw? There are many reasons, but to sum it up - I am tired of not trusting the food I am giving to my dog. You research, you read labels, you talk to other dog owners to see what they feed, and you find a food you are comfortable with. You find a supplier (one in my case was a 30 minute drive away), pay through the nose ($40 for a 13 pound bag!!) - and just hope the food isn't going to be in the next recall or lawsuit. Then there is the whole debate of protein levels, food rotation, grains, carbohydrates of any type... and all of this for a food that I still do not trust.

I have thought about raw for a long time - close to a year. I started reading about BARF vs. prey model, meat choices, etc. This is the type of person I am - I analyze, research, read, discuss, plan.. and one day, I get tired of it all, and jump in with both feet. So, Kip had his first meal of raw chicken last night. I've jumped in. We are doing it. If we can do it, anyone can. The hardest part? That first meal. The "Oh, I just gave my dog chicken bones!" feeling. But, you have to keep in mind that this is what dogs are supposed to eat. This is what dogs have lived on, and thrived on, for centuries. And, once you get past that "bones are bad" myth that has been drilled into your head, the sound of your dog crunching into real food is the sweetest sound in the world.


  1. I switched to raw before the recall but everyday during that horrible time I thanked God that my dog was on raw while other dogs I knew were dying. Had our one cat kept eating the Nutro canned food (one of the first to be recalled) she would've probably died. She began only nibbling at it about a month before and a few weeks later she was done with it and wouldn't even come downstairs to eat so we put her back on dry. Kelly, I'm proud of you for making the switch!

  2. I'm about 2 weeks into feeding our crew raw. I love the thought of this being THE food that was meant for them, and the sound of crunching bones is music to my ears because I know this is how they were meant to eat. My husband on the other hand, kind of gets the willies from that sound. ;)