Prayers for Amos

Amos had a seizure this morning. The vet thinks it might be epilepsy but it could be that he had this one and never has one again. Or it could be more serious like a brain tumor. He was rushed to the vet and kept for observation for a few hours and did not have another but he was so stressed out the vet wanted him home ASAP. She is running tests on urine, blood and feces to hopefully pin something down and he's on watch for 12 weeks. If he has 2 more seizures he will need to go on meds unless they are violent seizures and then we may have to look at other causes. If you pray, please say a prayer for Amos and if you don't pray, keep him in your thoughts. He is at home now sleeping and I've taken the next 6 days off work to be with him. This is very scary for him and our family so here's to hoping there are no more seizures ever again.

UPDATE 3/7/09
The results of the blood test came back with some elevated liver enzymes, one in particular was 4-5 times higher than normal. Amos went back for a bile acid test today and by Wednesday we should have the results. The vet said nothing of possible liver failure but is more concerned he got into something he shouldn't have and that is what caused his seizure. He did vomit up something like cream of wheat color/consistency and alot of it. Very far from what venison ribs would look like vomited up. I'm not sure what it was or where he got it but he's been steadily recovering. The vet put him on antibiotics for 10 days and a milk thistle and sam-e supplement for a month. I'll update with the bile acid test results next week. The vet doesn't seem worried so I'm trying to keep my cool as well.


  1. Amos will be firmly in my thoughts - only good thoughts to you and your during this difficult time.

  2. Heather, I forget, did you ever have his blood work checked by Dr Dodds for hypothyroidism?

  3. No I didn't. The vet took blood, urine and fecal samples that should yield results by Thursday. I have been reading Jean Dodds' website and I think I am going to ask the vet to run a test to check his thyroid levels as well. They may check it anyway though just to rule out everything. I'll call tomorrow. He doesn't have any symptoms of hypothyroidism though.

  4. Still thinking of you both.