Meet the newest addition!

She is an 8-10 week old lemon beagle puppy I just adopted from the Central MO Humane Society. I've been looking at dogs for about 6 mos and after being denied once by a rescue due to politics, and at the local AC for being "over the limit" I just about gave up. I'd called about several dogs in all different shelters and before I went to meet them they got adopted. Or I would meet the dog or talk to it's foster mom and the more time passed, the less I felt connected with the dog. Monday I seen this girl on petfinder and immediately fell in love. It wasn't just a "aww cute puppy! I want it!" type love, it was fireworks, streamers, banners screaming "that's the one!" at my heart. Amos seems like he doesn't really care about her but at the shelter there were barking dogs, thousands of smells, lots of people and unfamiliar objects. He peed on just about everything. The puppy on the other hand, grabbed his leash and tried to walk him around. LOL! She is very friendly but not over the top and in-your-face.
All in all I think she will blend quite well here. Oh and a side note, they gave me a bag of SD even when I told them I don't feed that food she insisted I needed it to transition her. Um, no. I dropped by the pet store on the way home and gave it to them to donate to our local shelter. I had to fill out a form too so SD could send me more free food for her (your bribes are useless!) and I'll be donating that as well. I think she will take to raw very quickly.

I also have not named her yet so any uncommon names (my mom insists I name her Chloe..) that you think would fit her please post them! I want a good strong name for her but still feminine and not real common. Anyway, I'll be dedicating a section to her like with Amos and Wav. It'll also be a good way to monitor a puppy's progress on raw and if anyone is going thru the same thing then maybe this will offer some support/answers.


  1. Congrats, Heather!
    She's a real cute little one!
    I'm no good for name suggestions,my dogs just seem to come to me. Not that they're special or original or all that....

  2. What a cutie! Congratulations!!

    As for names - she's a lemon beagle, so how about Citrine, "Trina" for short?

  3. We've decided to name her Brie. Ya know, like the moldy french cheese? LOL! But seriously, it's one of those things it just comes to you. I ordered her ID tag last night so hopefully that ships today and the chicken is already thawing! Good thing I still have 70 lbs left from my last shopping spree, eh?

  4. Sweet little lemon girl! Congratulations! Brie is the perfect name. Love it.