How to hide pills...

You may be asking "what IS that?" but it's really quite genius. I have to give Amos some liver supplements and an antibiotic now but I hate the ingredients in commercial pill hiders. So, I bought some cheap ground beef tonight and rolled out little balls, enough to cover his 4 pills per day and that is them sitting in the freezer on a California Pizza Kitchen box. They are freezing individually so I can just reach in the bag when they're done and pull one out without having to cut off a chunk from a frozen slab.

Much cheaper and healthier than buying something at the pet store and Amos takes these better (I imagine most dogs would) than anything. It's also easy to mold the ground meat over the pills vs before when I was cutting slits in meat chunks.


  1. Excellent idea!! I have similar meatballs in my freezer for my transitioning of Mojo our 11 year old cat. Although I think I could move along a little faster now - I think his main problem was eating too fast/too much at once. Right now he is on 50/50 grain free canned/ground beef for 4 meals a day(spoiled cat).

    I hope Amos is doing better and thanks for the idea!!

  2. Looks great! I hide pork kidney mince in ground beef and put it in Kong and freeze so my shihtzu would eat. ;)

    Oh! I have a question tho it is OT. If I feed salmon a few times a week, do I still need to supplement with salmon oil caps? I got a deal from the supermarket for salmon trim.

  3. Babz,

    Is it farmed or wild caught salmon? And what exactly is "salmon trim?" To me that could mean the boney carcass, the head, skin/scales, tail fin..

  4. Heather,

    I have no idea if it is caught or farmed, the workers at the supermarkets didn't seem to know much. Unlike in America, they're not expected to know anything, most people don't ask anyways. I did, and they told me they got meat from suppliers and that's that.

    The salmon trim I got was (very!)meaty bones, tails and fin, loads of meat that didn't make the cut for a fillet, basically about 40% of the fish, minus head and scales and insides.

    They sold it to me for $2.5/kg, so was really really cheap for salt water fish! It's been freezing for about 3 days now.

    Do I still need to supplement salmon oil then?

    Thank you for any help, and I'm sorry to hear about Amos. Kisses from my Lulu&Mocha!

  5. I would still feed a salmon oil supplement but cut the normal amount you give in half. If you start seeing a dry or flaky coat then you can always give more oil.

  6. Er, ix-nay on the almon-say.

    Mocha is having a lot of trouble eating it and Lulu didn't even try.

    The prob with Lulu is she won't take the caps. If I pierce it and pour it on her food - she'll smell like the oil (from her muzzle) and then I have to bathe her.

    I don't know if Mocha will figure it out or not.

    I'm so frustrated.

  7. Hide the pills in some ground meat! ;)

  8. You might be on to something. If i pierce the caps, pour them on some ground beef.. Hmmm. Might work.

    I've tried hiding the caps in chicken hearts. I pierce it on the flat side, make a hole and slide the caps in. No go. Lulu just chew chew chew until the caps slides back out, THEN she'll eat the heart.

    For a dog my mom swears up and down is not as smart (due to having fallen on her head by my then 6 years old sister) she sure is quick on getting what she wants!

    Mocha ate the fringes of the salmon - she didn't know what to do with the rest of the boney meat. :( And I was so excited to feed fish.