Brie loves chicken!

Started on chicken leg quarters and she's had 100% normal formed poop. I expected explosive diarrhea for atleast 2 days.

On a funnier note, I took her to the vet I was able to get a free exam and fecal at and when he asked what I was feeding her I said "raw" and I wish I had a camera to take a picture. It was a horrified, then concerned, then I-want-to-say-something-so-bad-but-I-can't look that almost made me giggle. After sputtering for a little while he finally got the words "not what I would recommend but talk to your vet" out. I said "ok" in the most genuine way I could. LOL!

Ok here's some pics.
Eating a bully stick on my foot

Playing with her BoBo (loofa dog)

All tuckered out

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  1. Hi.It is nice to read Brie seems doing good on raw diet with chicken. I understand how it was at vet office because I was in that situation as well. Our current vet actually suggested to make an appointment with canine nutritionist first when I told her raw.She was concerned about unbalanced nutrition but seeing is believing,she is on our side now.She praise me saying I am doing great for Palette and amazed with coat,teeth,built etc.I hope more and more dogs get to taste the tastiest healthiest diet..
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