Amos's test results

I just realized I haven't updated about Amos. The bile acid test he had last Saturday came back completely normal. He's still on milk thistle and sam-e supplements for a month, possibly 2 and is finishing his round of clavamox. The vet wants him back between March 21 and 27 for another blood draw to check the one enzyme that was way up and make sure it is either normal or going down. Thank you to everyone who sent prayers and kept him in their thoughts. I think God has a soft spot for beagles.


  1. Hey Heather!

    I'm Adrianna and I'm on the rawcat list. I've always enjoyed your blog since I first clicked the link in your email signature. I was just wondering how Amos is? Since I read he's been sick, he's been in our family's thoughts. So, I just wanted to drop a line to let you know Lou, Crookshanks and I are sending all our positive energy to him. We're all hoping for your beautiful boy's full recovery.


  2. Thank you very much Adrianna, Crookshanks and Lou. :) Amos is definitely feeling good and has had no more seizures. I'm not able to afford another blood draw at this point so I'm not sure what that one enzyme is looking like but I'm sure it's fine. He has a few more days of Denosyl (his sam-e supplement) left and I ran out of milk thistle a week too soon and no one seems to carry the brand without rice flour in it. I accidentally bought some that did and couldn't figure out why all of the sudden he broke out in a rash on his neck and in his ears.