I want to hear your stories!

We'll see how this works out and if I don't get steady entries then no biggie, I'll just discontinue the section. I'm looking for reader's stories about the journey to a raw diet. What caused you to switch your pet(s)? How did your pet(s) take to it? Any struggles? Have you noticed any improvement in relation to medical issues, energy level, teeth, etc? Is there a part you like best about raw feeding? You don't have to follow these questions but it just gives you an idea. Pretty much tell your experience from when you first started rethinking nutrition to now. I'll pick a new story every week and post on Sunday. They will all be tagged Testimonials or something of similar name and grouped together so anyone checking out this blog for the first time can go back and read just how great a species appropriate diet is. You hear it from me in just about every post- now we want to hear from you!

Email entries to newbeginnings06@gmail.com
Try to keep the stories between one sentence and a novel- there is a happy medium! Also, feel free to include pictures- 2-3 would be ideal but if you have a few pets with remarkable before and afters then that's fine too. I look forward to reading the experiences and I hope everyone has fun getting to share their journey!


  1. Thanks Cassandra! I'm getting some great (and by that I mean I'm in tears after I read them) stories from y'all so please keep them coming! Whatever isn't posted this Sunday will be saved in my inbox and posted on another Sunday. I am really looking forward to this section. I would like to see new people be able to relate to someone here and gain confidence that that are not alone.

  2. Oh, post more! I can't wait to read them! I've only been feeding raw for close to two weeks, and I do feel alone and a little scared, but my dogs are doing great on it, and I'm just plugging away.

    Keep it up! Maybe I'll send my story once I actually have something to tell!