I'm curious as to what seem to be your dog/cat/ferret's favorite foods. Venison always seems to go over well here- it elicits the craziest dinner dances with Waverli and Amos. Trevor, on the other hand, goes nuts for pork.

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  1. Hi Heather,
    Thanks for your response re: fish body oil on the rawfeeding list. Yes, that fellow beagle owner was me, the one who commented on Waverli's guinea pig video a few weeks ago.

    Unfortunately my food sources are pretty much all grocery store at this point and I haven't tried whole fish yet so I'm feeling the need to suppliment. Hopefully in time that will change though.

    I remember reading on your blog that Amos is 20 lbs. I figured he was a 13". Diesel measures exactly 14-3/4" at the withers and he's 26.5 lbs. I had him down to 25 lbs and my husband got scared. You could feel his backbone and ribs *very* easily and he was shivering a lot on our cold WI days while on walks or at the dog park. You can still feel ribs and backbone at 26.5 and my husband is happier. He was never fat (boy, do I know what you mean about those fat beagles! I feel so sad when I see them at the dog park) but the raw food has definitely improved his condition as far as muscle tone and I love seeing his tucked tummy. When I found out Westminster's Uno weighs 27 lbs I figured we must be in the ballpark. :)

    Marvin is a different beast. Both boys are rescues so we're not 100% certain they are full beagles but I can't imagine what else they have in them. Marvin measures nearly 16" at the withers so he's pretty tall for a beagle. I don't know if you've heard of a "field Beagle" before but a couple people have described him that way. I don't really know what it means! But he's always been Mr. Skinny.

    I've been not so good at updating my blog lately but check the boys out! www.snoutbeagle.blogspot.com

    Nice talking to you again!