Amos and Waverli, not food related

These moments make me want to bawl my eyes out. I love it when these two lay together (and they do often). I've never seen any animals as close as they are. Waverli follows him around alot and tolerates her pawing at his food (though he does growl he's never snapped at her ever.. then again he does know that I'm right there to scoot her away). They coordinate missions in the kitchen throwing food out of the sink. Amos comes and gets Wav, she jumps on the counter and eats about half and then throws the rest down to him. She LOVES for him to chase her and tries at every opportunity. Often times Waverli will get mad at something and she takes it out on Amos. He just stands there and lets her vent and moves on when she's finished. I have so many pics of them napping together on beds, in the kitchen, in the sunshine, everywhere. We often refer to Amos and Big Bro and Waverli as Baby Sister because they truly act like siblings. I have been actively searching for our newest canine addition but I often wonder if it will change the dynamics of Amos and Wav's relationship. What would be even better is if the new dog loved to cuddle with cats and other dogs too.. then they could all be together. Waverli could have a Big Bro AND a Big Sis.

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