Sheep leg video

I thought of it after he'd eaten most of the meat off the bone to record it. I'll get one of him tackling a venison bone sometime. Tonight was his big meal of the week and he'll just rest tomorrow. The piece looks pretty bare only because I let him strip it, eat the joints, and then it gets tossed outside in "the boneyard" as it probably closely resembles one by now. The venison bones or whatever you wish to call it were from 2 skinned and quartered deer I received (from craigslist) in which I cut most of the heavy meat off the leg bones and let them real meaty as a gorge meal for Amos. I did the same with the backs, though those bones may be more edible than legs. I have a whole giant bag of them in the big'n (freezer) downstairs. Anyway, here's the video. Has kinda poor quaility but I think it was the lighting so excuse the fuzziness.

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