Raw Treats

I forgot at what temperature essential enzymes in raw food starts to deteriorate (I want to say 110-115F) but I have been dehydrating treats for Amos since he started having reactions to a grain free kibble I used to use for training. I've done boneless venison and beef liver cut into 1/4" slices and I set the dehydrator on 95F until they are not real flexible anymore but they're not hard and crumbly. Then I cut them in appropriate sizes for training which is about 1/2" x 1/4" and put them in a ziploc baggy in the fridge. I used to freeze half inch cubes of beef heart and train with that but guess what it looks like when it thaws? Gross, that's what! I couldn't put them in my pockets either so I had to use them all up at once. I will also be dehydrating strips for camping. Not sure I want to take a small cooler along because I'd like Amos to carry his own rations. Although dehydrated at low temps isn't as good as raw, it's better than dehydrated commercial products that are done at higher temps and certainly better than kibble! If you dehydrate for your dog or cat (Waverli LOVES venison treats!) be sure it is boneless meat and not bone in! Dried bones can be brittle and may splinter and cause problems. Doing this at home is also way cheaper than buying freeze dried meat for training. You can also dehydrate other boneless meats for variety to keep the kids guessing! My dog also works VERY well for these treats- better than anything else I've ever used.


  1. What do you suggest for people who does not have dehydrator?

  2. You can dehydrate in the oven at 150-200F. I'm not sure on the time so just check it every 30 minutes or so until it's at the texture you prefer. I like mine between crunchy and flimsy because they cut into smaller pieces easily but they don't still look like dried goo on the inside.

  3. I don't have an oven either..

    But anyways, will the treat still be raw if we use an oven?

    I was thinking of making little drops ( i cannot think of another word) of ground meat mixed with diced garlic, and then frozen. The garlic is just for flea preventions, I feed wholly prey model, don't you worry. But then yea, it might get gross.

  4. At the oven temps they won't still be as nutritious but they will be WAY healthier and cheaper than store bought. You can buy a cheap toaster oven at Walmart for $30 if you don't have a full size oven. Due to the small size though the cooking times may be different so keep a close eye on them so you don't end up with Cajun jerky!

    The frozen treats will be very hard to travel or train with.