Posting on craigslist

You can get some pretty good replies from a craigslist post for meat, but you must know how to word it, key phrases, where to post it and what will get you flagged. I have had much success using a simple ad, posted in wanted, sporting and farm+garden. Never post in pets. You will get flagged (atleast this has been my experience 100% of the time). This is normally what I post, with some insignifigant variations occasionally.

Title: WANTED: freezer burned/old/unwanted meat

"I home cook for my (dog/cat) with severe allergies to kibble/canned food and am looking for any freezer burned, old or unwanted meat. Must be uncooked and unseasoned. I will pick up in the (list where you are willing to drive to) areas but will drive further for amounts over 50 lbs. Email me with what you have and an estimate of pounds."

I will also include an insanely cute picture of Amos with something like "Amos thanks you for your contributions!"

It is important to have proper spelling, grammer and punctuation. I don't know why but it just looks like a more serious posting vs a run on sentence in all lower case letters with "ur" and "4" and other typing shortcuts. Don't mention the word "raw" or "raw diet" anywhere in the post, don't try and educate the public thru your posting and don't post a novel of a sob story on how you cannot afford to buy meat in the supermarket or how bad your dog/cat's "allergies" are. Keep it short, simple and to the point for the best chance of getting replies. You may tailor your post in sporting to ask for old/freezer burned venison and in the post mention you will accept other meats as well. Don't list what you want in the ad either- be broad in just asking for "meat" and if you don't want it when you get it, toss it or find another raw feeder to pass it on to. I'm sure they will appreciate it.

All in all, craigslist is a great place to get free meat and cut your food bill, as I'm sure you will find. If you get a few responses, combine trips if they are near one another to save gas. Always reply quickly and don't set up a pickup date a week away- do it ASAP otherwise you seem uninterested and people may be less likely in the future to call you when they have more meat to get rid of. Always be curteous and friendly, again don't try and educate them about a raw diet unless they ask (there's nothing worse than doing something nice for someone only to have them try and "convert" you) and don't invite yourself into their house to help get the meat. I don't want a stranger in my house anymore than a decent, honest person wants to be in my house! Always be safe. Everyone I have met has always been extremely nice and I have met quite a few friends through CL because of either my postings or postings of theirs I have replied to.

So get posting! You'll get real used to free meat- I guarentee it! ;)


  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I haven't tried this yet but I hope to once I get some room in my freezer.

  2. You can even get a nice freezer for meat from Craigslist if you want one to stock up. I posted about the freezer we got for $100- 19.7 cu ft- which sad to say is almost full (along with a packed 5.7 cu ft and the freezer in the garage I took over). What? I'm stocking up for my future lab mix pup! *grin* I started raw feeding with about a weeks worth of food at a time and gradually increased the amount I was able to buy as I got more freezer space.

  3. I tried CL twice... and I all I got was "won't it make your dog sick?" Not a single offer from anyone.

    I'll try again. Maybe it's just where I live, who knows.

  4. Hi Laurie. This type of posting is not fool proof- I cannot offer any advice in how to keep people from emailing without meat offers. However, the comment that your vet recommends you "home cook" seems to ward away most OT comments. Once I did receive an email from what looked to be a 4 year old (and the 4 year old probably could have typed better) that said something like this- "who haz tme 2 cook 4 ther DOG?!??!?1?!?!?11!??!!??!??111" I know, I don't understand it either. As long as you are not getting flagged I wouldn't worry about it. Or you can try changing the wording a bit and add in that this is a 100% safe diet for your dog, your vet has recommended it and that the bacteria is not an issue in cooked diets (which actually it's not.. but it's not in raw diets either).