Guinea pig video

Boy, I'm loving the video option on my new camera! Even though it only takes 30 seconds at a time, that's all I need. For all of you who have cats and are interested in feeding whole prey, I shot this video especially for you. Waverli is eating an XL guinea pig from Rodent Pro. When done she tried to give the head to my stepdad who gets pretty disgusted when she eats whole prey. It was laid nicely by the recliner for him to step on when he woke up. It's like living The Godfather scene in my own house.


  1. Hi Heather,

    I have beagles too! I found your blog through the rawfeeding list. My boys have been fed whole prey since the end of September and love it. I'm now scouring craiglist for a stand-up freezer.

    I love this video. We don't have cats but I found it interesting how cats and dogs look so similar the way the chomp away on their food.

    Check out my beagle blog. I haven't posted regarding feeding whole prey yet but will at some point.

    Take care,

  2. Good for you for feeding whole prey, Jackie! Amos hasn't really jumped on the whole prey bandwagon yet. Squirrel is about all he tolerates and even then it's cut up in 4-5 chunks so it's not like actually eating "whole." We're getting there though!

  3. Hi Heather,

    Oops, I just realized I mis-"spoke"! No, no, we haven't even tried *whole* prey! I should have said raw whole prey MODEL (I believe that would have been the more appropriate term for a chicken leg quarter and chicken liver one day; beef heart another day; an egg and turkey the next day; etc ... that's what we've been doing). I feel silly now!

    I have a feeling once we do try, my Diesel will respond much like Amos, but Marvin will dive in with gusto, especially since he's already devoured a dead squirrel he found. That was well before I "discovered" the rawfeeding list and I was mortified. I look back now and think he was just trying to tell me to get a clue. ;)

  4. I'm shocked the squirrel wasn't rolled in instead! Amos hates to eat rabbit but whenever Wav gets done eating any he's right there rubbing his ears on anything left behind. LOL!

    BTW, you can find some real nice freezers on craigslist. That's where my awesome 19.7 cu ft baby came from for $100. A 2007 model too. I did a search for all "for sale/wanted" ads and typed in "freezer" which brought up great results. Good luck in your freezer search and don't be a stranger on here! ;)