Venison surplus

Not that I'm complaining but deer season is really proving fruitful here! Hoping it is going well for everyone else now that gun season is here. On Friday I picked up 2 deer minus organs and head from someone in IL. May possibly get more as her family has a farm and sometimes get more than they can use. The only things thawed enough to cut were 2 rib cages and 2 thighs and the rest needs to thaw in shifts so it can fit better in the freezer. Right now it looks full but it's just because it's odd pieces that don't fit together real well. I also picked up about 10 lbs of pork, 3 lbs of ground turkey and a package of boneless skinless chicken breasts. The chicken is being fed to Trevor, who has fallen off the raw bandwagon but seems to be back on now that I have boneless stuff to feed him. I haven't had pork or turkey for him, which is the only other meats he'll eat. Venison he won't touch which is unfortunate because I have atleast 200 lbs! Yep.. we're stocked for the season!

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