Salvaging the deer

Does everyone remember the entry on respect? This is exactly how to DISrespect an animal that dies in the name of "sport" or the dinner table. You kill it only for memorabilia and a tender piece of meat. Then you throw it out in the weeds to rot.

Today I came across a deer, a beautiful buck, that was dead and laying off the side of the road. Amos and I were out biking and about 2 miles from my house I came across the carcass, with the antlers sawed out of it's head and the backstraps (which are the leanest, tenderest part of the deer and are located along the spine) missing. One back leg was partially missing, the other 3 were there. I took Amos home and called around, finally getting the number for the conservation department and gained permission to take the deer. Went back with steprother in tow, and a large plastic tote and began to load it into the car. Someone had stopped to give us trouble, thinking we were the ones dumping the carcass and I explained to him it was already dumped, we were picking it up. He didn't seem satisfied so I said I already had it ok'd by the highway department. He then left.

We got it home and were able to salvage the rib cage, shoulders, neck, one back leg and some meat from the hide that was cut along the back. All in all I'd guess there was 40 lbs. I'd like to get on the list for roadkill deer in the future.

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