Few teeth? No teeth? No problem!

This handsome devil to the left is Orion, a good friend and fellow reader's dog. Orion isn't like most other raw fed dogs, you see, he only has 3 teeth which are not much use for eating. I was asked to post this story as an inspiration to those who have dentally challenged dogs or cats.

"He gets chicken most days.. usually around 1lb or .5lb.. he eats chicken since he can eat those bones, but he also likes organ meat (especially liver), other meats like turkey and pork, loves venison, and somedays he eats raw egg," says his owner. "He gets fish oil on some of his food. For the chicken, I cut the leg or thigh into several pieces with a cleaver.. other meats he usually eats without cutting. I kept him on raw because I feel it's the best for dogs. I've seen how healthy Amos is and I think that's proof that raw is best. I'm a vegetarian, but I have no issue handling meat for Orion."

Orion's owner is clearly dedicated to the health and wellbeing of her boy, and even though his food prep may take a few minutes longer than what most of us are used to, she is willing to do what it takes. And it looks like Orion is happy about eating raw food too!


  1. Quick question, I noticed in an old entry that you currently have pet mice. I also have pet mice, and I've been concerned that feeding my cats whole mouse carcasses would make them even more interested in the pet mice. Have you found this to be true or not?

    Not that I let the mice run loose around the cats or anything. :P However, with the exception of the kitten, I usually don't have to worry about taking the mice out and handling them around the cats. Also, do you have to take extra precautions to make sure they can't get in the cages? I have clips for the 10 gallon cage tops, but I've never needed them in the past.

    Thank you for your help.

  2. This might help a bit (it's mostly about dogs but explains the theory).

    Cats are predators, mice are prey. If your cats haven't tried to kill your mice now, either they haven't had the opportune time, or they are not interested. Feeding humane prekilled mice will not change their attitude, and even if it did, just keep the mouse cage secured (like it should be anyway for safety) and problem solved. I have one cat that is afraid of the mice, one that will let them crawl on her, and one that ignores them. I have another who would love nothing more than to kill them. It depends on the personality of the cat, not the diet.

    Hope this helps and thank you for reading!

  3. Thank you! I know several people who feed mostly whole sheep to working Border Collies, so I know what a silly question this was. :) I just wanted to be certain. Thanks again!

  4. I also have pet rodents, mine are rats. I was worried about the same thing. After my cat Bear has eaten several meals of whole rodents, today he simply sat and watched the rats run around and play during their playtime. He still hunts bugs, but he always did that. It hasn't made him more interested in the rats. :)