Ducks! (Part 2)

I only got 4 ducks defeathered before I was cursing under my breath and fed up with it all. They are a pain! I ended up breaking the wing tip to the first joint off because it wasn't worth it to pull those large thick feathers out for a tiny amount of skin and bone. I froze the other 3 whole in my freezer and will attempt to defeather them when the other 4 are eaten. Amos has also decided he doesn't care for duck anymore and that he'd rather eat rabbit, his most hated meat, instead. I think the fact he hasn't had it in a year has alot to do with it, and the oil glands of the duck have probably got on the skin and made it taste a bit funky. He may eat it frozen but I prefer to feed things thawed. Even if he'll eat it half thawed that would be better than frozen solid. Waverli on the other hand happily stole what he refused to eat (though he did roll on it) and ate that on top of her ration as well. Isn't that pathetic? My DOG is pickier than my CAT.

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