I came across an interesting point of view on the rawfeeding list, posted by steviesun that I had to post here.

Here is the video that the whole thing was about. Clip occurs at 1:55 and ends at 2:55. What you see in this short one minute is what raw feeding is all about. I used to call it being "resourceful" when using all the unwanted parts that people don't usually eat like the organs, head, bones, and when feeding things that are thrown away like old, freezer burned meats, scraps from wild game, or fresh roadkill. What James McAvoy (the chef) teaches is that it is truly RESPECT over anything. Raw feeders respect the animal that is butchered for our pets and even ourselves by wasting as less as possible, and maybe even wasting nothing except the weight bearing bones.

Just think how the Native Americans lived on the plains. When they hunted an animal, they used EVERYTHING, not just the choice cuts of meat. I even advocate finding some place to take the hide if the whole animal is being processed. Many people can tan it and find good use for it; the alternative is what? Tossing it out in the woods to rot? I understand some things just cannot really be used/fed effectively, intestines probably being one of them but some patient raw feeders will clean them out and feed them (whether the dog/cat/ferret eats them is another story), and sometimes they are used as sausage casings.

My final thought on this is that we need to make sure we are being as respectful of the animals that make it possible for our dogs, cats and ferrets to eat a natural, healthy diet. Every cow, pig, mouse, rat, chicken, turkey, deer, duck and so on was once an intelligent, emotional being. Let's not take it them for granted.

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