My crazy dream..

I've had this desire to open up my own raw feeding store where people can come in with their dogs, sample new meats, ask questions, get advice, and enjoy the shopping for their pets. The store will be focused on the prey model diet with books, articles and other resources.

Everything will be under $1/lb. How can that be done you say? I would also love to pasture raise my own poultry, rabbits, quail, possibly goats and sheep. If not the larger animals I can easily find someone who can supply. The processing will all be done at the store, ultimately cutting out the middle man and keeping costs way down. Being pastured also keeps the price down because grain based feeds are getting more expensive by the year, not to mention grains are not a natural food for the animals humans have domesticated. Grassfed meats contain higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids and are much healthier for the people and pets that eat them.

There is much to be considered before the store can go up. The husbandry aspect must be addressed first and foremost and if it is indeed sustainable then it can be used to supply a limited amount of food at first and expanded as the business grows. The building will be "green" as well, deriving energy from solar panels, and relying on a floor plan that is relatively open to take advantage of natural light, among many other eco friendly modifications. Like I said, it's a crazy dream, but it's MY crazy dream and I plan to make it a reality in the not too distant future. The name of the business? The Raw Truth. How ironic. ;) And to think it all stemmed from a vegetarian who didn't want an allergy ridden dog, but fell in love and determined to make it all better, stumbled across this wonderful life giving diet.

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