Great website!

I just added this website to the Getting Started section.

I find many of the articles right on target, however I have issues with the assumption that pureeing vegetables and fruits are ok to feed as they mimic the stomach contents of prey animals. The correct info is available on the raw fed myths page. Wolves have been extensively studied at the kill site and stomach and intestinal contents are spilled, NOT EATEN, and the tissue is consumed. I haven't gotten thru all the material on the site but I plan to review it for my own curiosity. The books I have not bought, as a raw diet is truly simple and doesn't require a 300+ page read. Raw Meaty Bones may be good to take to your vet if he/she is having trouble accepting that you are feeding a species appropriate diet. You may want to join the newsletter for interesting tidbits and info on the topic of nutrition.

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