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So thanks to a connection made at my anti raw vet's office (of all places!) I have been fortunate enough to get dove, duck and goose meat from when her husband goes hunting. He doesn't really like the meat except when it's cooked just right (and by the way these things smell on the outside I cannot imagine that's very often) so just ends up giving them out to anyone who wants them. The last 2 times I've only gotten breast meat, but last year told him I can use absolutely everything on the bird and that it would actually be a time/effort saver for him to just leave them whole. He was worried about the insides going bad so last year I still ended up with breast meat only. Well last night I got a call from his wife saying he had 2 ducks to give me if I could pick them up today and she'd just put them in the freezer at her work. She brought up a huge bag and I said "Are those 2 ducks or geese in there?!" and she said no they were ducks. The bag looked like it weighed about 30 lbs. So I traded her off some apple butter for the ducks and drove home. When I got them out to thaw, I counted not only the 2 for sure, but 5 more! She probably seen since there were 2 bags that there was one in each. The mallards are almost as big as my 8 lb cat. There is a teal, a few wood ducks and I think a female mallard, and 3 males I believe. I have them thawing now to defeather hopefully before I go to work. The kids haven't had duck for a year because I don't buy it in the store, I only get it from my hunter friend.

So now that duck season is starting, be on the lookout and start asking around for the meat and/or whole bird. There is a lot more sport shooting going on with ducks than deer, and I bet you will find people that don't eat the meat either that are wanting to give it away. Wild duck is definately better than the kind you buy in the store. Atleast you know they had a great life!

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