This is a blog about a proper, prey model style diet for pet carnivores.

A proper diet for dogs and cats includes 80% meat, 10% edible bone, 5% liver and 5% other organ. These percentages are slightly flexible depending on individual dogs. Adult dogs are fed 2-3% of their ideal body weight, dogs under a year are fed 2-3% of their estimated adult body weight divided up into 3-4 meals for pups under 6 mos old. It's best to start with bone in chicken, a fairly bland and easy to digest meat, not to mention readily available and cheap. After a few weeks if the dog's stool is fairly formed, a new protein source can be introduced like turkey or pork. Organs can be introduced around 4 weeks in small amounts as they are nutrient rich and can cause loose stools at first. For further and more specific information, trouble shooting or encouragement, please visit the raw feeding list

The information on this blog is the educated opinion of the blog owner. When considering a raw diet for your pet, conduct your own research and form your own opinions. The blog owner is not responsible or liable for any accidents that may occur when feeding an appropriate prey model diet. Choking, impactions and other concerns can occur with any diet- raw, kibble or canned. Minimizing these risks by feeding appropriate sized pieces, discontinuing the use of weight bearing femur and knuckle bones, never feeding cooked or dry bones and limiting bone to around 10-20% of the diet provide a safer raw feeding experience. Each dog is different and it is the responsibility of the owner to adjust their pet's raw diet accordingly.

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