Ah, the labor of love. I spent my entire Sunday morning processing rabbits for Waverli- stocking up for the year. The gentleman I got these from was getting out of the rabbit business as the market for human consumption dropped out. There were nine 10-15 lb rabbits I picked up at 5:30am and didn't finish skinning and cutting up until noon time. Luckily they were already killed so I didn't have to do it myself. I WOULDN'T have done it. I would've had 9 full bags of rabbit meat and the bag of heads if I wouldn't have over stuffed 2 of the bags with an extra half rabbit (I was running out of ziplocs!). Overall there's about 90 lbs of meat there. It should last for over a year. I still have 3 fryer rabbits in the freezer I bought and hoarded last year, as rabbit was scarce then and I wasn't sure when I'd get more. Amos hates rabbit meat but Waverli loves it. Other than my back completely hurting, I enjoyed the whole process and learned alot about processing my own animals.

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