I have 2 kids, Amos a 4 year old beagle and Waverli a year old calico. Both are strays I rescued.

Amos was found slightly underweight and running loose with a collar, no tags, and a chip with bad information on it that never led me to his owner. He was eating Nutro kibble until his itching got so bad that his hair started thinning, and his skin was dark pink. He would also vomit and have diarrhea. I started researching allergies and finding out about the BARF diet (lots of bone, some meat and organ and a vegetable/fruit slurry most often with lots of supplements included). I gave it a try and was scared as heck! I put off feeding him because it was either a Sunday when the vet wasn't open or the vet was closed for the day so I waited until the next morning to feed him a chicken leg. I am a vegetarian and was extremely squeamish about even looking at meat- cooked or raw! After I seen the results of Amos's allergies disappearing I learned to deal with it because I didn't have any other choice. I did it for him and am so glad I stuck thru it. I later stopped feeding the slurry and went with meat, bones and organs with the help of a veterinarian on a forum I frequent. I don't think I could thank her enough for helping me. I hope I can pay it forward to other people starting out so they can begin with the right information and support they need. Amos is a food guarder and we worked thru that. I can take a steak out of his mouth.. how many people can do that with even their well trained dogs?! Amos has been with me for 2 years (on March 27 of this year) and quite literally one of the best things that's ever happened to me. He also had tartar covered teeth and dragon breath when I found him but now his gums are pink and healthy and his teeth have an insignificant amount of tartar only a thread wide on his canines which isn't uncommon as dogs crunch bones with their molars, not their front teeth or canines. People comment all the time that he is the "skinniest" beagle they've ever seen and usually tell me their beagle is 30+ lbs when they should only be about 20-25 at the largest.

Waverli was found at one week old all by herself. I bottle fed her and attempted to wean her at 4.5-5 weeks old onto raw but she went cold turkey and would not drink formula after her first minced chicken and pinkie mouse breakfast. Waverli has blossomed into a gorgeous girl, very sassy and definately a spitfire! She eats anything offered, her favorite foods being any kind of whole prey and venison meat. She even coordinates food missions with Amos. He smells if there's meat in the sink, alerts her, she jumps up there and eats her fill and throws the rest down to him. Now that's what I call team work!

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