Hunting season's here!

For those of you wanting to cut your food bills, feed venison! Essentially, it's organic, free range and dogs love it! Check taxidermists, processing plants, friends/family, co workers and see if they have any meat to give away (either freezer clean outs or fresh from when they process their deer). It's very easy to get ahold of in Missouri. It is legal to possess venison as long as it's been checked in by the hunter. It is illegal to sell deer meat so unless the processor is asking for a "processing fee" like mine does, you shouldn't be paying anything.

I hope to feed venison to Amos 2-3 times a week atleast so I plan to stock way up and make it last until '09 season. Venison is a bit rich for some dogs so trying it for the first time, go easy and slow like any other meat. It does have a gamey smell and some dogs may be put off by it at first but they get used to it. I've rarely heard of a dog that will not eat it. So go hit up anyone you know of that hunts or knows someone who does and get some free food! Plus you are reducing waste and helping save the environment by keeping more things out of landfills. It's a win/win for everyone!

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