For those of you following this blog still or who happen to stumble upon it, I am deeply saddened to update in such a devastating manner. Waverli got out the front door yesterday afternoon and was struck and killed by a car. My baby girl is gone.


Introducing Clyde!

He's here! Actually he's been here for over a month. Taking to raw like a champion. When he first arrived I didn't feel he was healthy like he could be- his coat was not real soft, he had a funny odor about him and his breath already smelled of rotting kibble. Ugh. I would say in about 3 days time I noticed all those things clearing up and I swear he has the silkiest fur of any cat I've ever felt. Clyde's favorite food by far is whole quail. It's like candy to a kid! I have discovered though he will eat most everything except rats. He wants nothing to do with them which is fine- more for Waverli! She actually serenaded her rat carcass last week. I couldn't figure out what she was carrying on about and when I got up to check, there she sat in the washroom with her 3/4 eaten dinner singing away.

Back to Clyde though. He is 4 mos old now, growing beautifully, and gorging himself a few times a week when he goes thru yet another growth spurt. For kittens and puppies, I am a strong supporter in letting them regulate themselves until weight becomes an issue (if it ever does). They need an awful lot of calories to keep up with all that growing and I for one cannot say for sure when they are needing more food more often. Both Waverli and Clyde, as well as Emily, have been/were great about eating what they need, when they need it. This is such a different concept from kibble where the strict feeding instructions are on the back of the bag. And make sure you don't feed large breeds too much or they'll grow too quick and beware of protein levels, etc.


Back with an update

FINALLY huh? Alot has been going on and since I still get an occasional comment about "hey I miss your blog posts.." I thought I'd pop in and give some updates. I pretty much ran out of material to blog about. I did however dress out my very first groundhog that happened to be pregnant with 8 little ones. While sad (don't worry, I didn't hit her with my car- someone else did) I was delighted to have the opportunity to observe anything bigger than a mouse embryo. I took pictures which I'll post later today.

The co-op began to fall apart at about March. The amounts the stores were ordering went down, thus a great decrease in "waste" and then it just got worse. I switched the contract out of my name so we could add a new store (which I had no time/money to do myself) and after that fiasco we still have no new store. The program was great for co-ops in the beginning but then unforeseen events turned it more towards a 1-2 person membership.. not 10.

On a non-raw note, Trevor, Amos, Waverli, Emily and I are moving! We aren't moving to another state, but we'll be 20 mins from where home is now in the next county over. I'm getting ready to close on June 14. The house is only 900 sq ft but it has 4.6 acres, enough for my beags to run and play (I plan to fence in the 3 acre-ish field next spring I hope) with a beautiful pond stocked with fish and geese. I have enough room to raise quail and rabbits and maybe a few chickens and the closest neighbor is still far enough away for privacy but close enough to get to in an emergency. I have not met them yet but my real estate agent (who happens to be my best friend from elementary school) has spoken with the husband across the field (yelling.. awkward hah) and he says they are anxious to meet me. My neighbor to the other side is seperated by a large pasture that they have a small pony in that Emily is in love with. Well, actually, the pony started it by nickering to her and following us around up and down the fence on our very first visit. She wanted to play with him but it was just not happening. They'll have to continue their love relationship thru the fence.

On another semi-raw-but-not-really note, I hope to be adding another raw cat to the fam when I move. He's already born- feral taken in from my dad's house, and out of 6, only he and his tiny sister survived. The mother smothered 3 of them and the other got very sick with a resp infection and passed. The female was sick as well but she pulled thru, however her growth was very stunted. The male is atleast twice as big as her. She is quiet and he is a fearless explorer at 4 weeks old! I've debated on a name for the longest time (since he was born really) but I believe now I'm truly set on Clyde. Like Bonnie and Clyde? I think he has a similar personality. He's a black longhair, which I've never seen a male one before; they've always been females. His sister is a black longhair too. I'd take her as well but I think one person, 2 20 lb dogs and 3 cats is all my small house can take. In about 15-20 years I'll be tearing down the current house and building what I truly want. Yes, we're setting down our roots. I couldn't ask for a better first, and forever, home. Oh and baby Clyde will be raw fed too.. in case you haven't guessed already. The point of the rabbit and quail raising is to feed the damn cats so I can stop going broke from online shipping!


MO Recycled Meats- an up and coming sucess!

I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately- the co-op is keeping me on my toes and very, very busy. I just began reflecting back on how all of this got started. I mean really, how it began.. not just the formation of the co-op.

It all starts with him.

I'm just truly amazed that this whole journey has progressed from finding Amos, a pitiful stray, to food allergies, to months of research about diet, finding raw (BARF), then switching to prey model, onto the raw feeding list to help educate others, creating this blog a year ago to finally getting a co-op up and running. But not just any co-op. One that helps people afford an appropriate raw diet for their pets. One that takes hard work and turns it into miracles for those who say "I almost had to switch my dog back to kibble because food was too expensive." As the owner, I don't make a dime off anything. I don't sell the meat and take a cut, it's all donated food that I spend countless hours of my life a week picking up, sorting, and preparing for the final destination- people's freezers and dog and cat tummies! It's truly a labor of love. Yes it gets stressful and close family and friends can often times hear me complaining about the kinks that haven't yet been worked out. And sometimes things just go wrong but I have my faith set in this cause and with teamwork and alittle elbow grease, anything is possible.


Feeding down the venison and getting ready for more

My mechanic is supposed to give me all the deer he gets this season which is great.. however I also plan to buy a few more sheep and still need room to store the weekly 361 lbs from the co-op. Will my 19.8 cu ft baby be able to hold it all? Right now the kids have been eating on venison for a looong time. Like.. 4-5 times a week. Emily is getting tired of it and refusing to eat much and Waverli is "bird chirping" at me for some whole prey, dang it! (You'll be happy to know she did receive a whole quail and rabbit this afternoon.) Is everyone else cleaning out the old stuff and getting ready for hunting season too? I am pretty excited to try this "skin a deer with a car" method on the ones I get this year. I told Joe he just needed to gut since everything will be pulverized from the shot and deer tripe I just don't think I could stomach (pun intended) right now. Who knows what they all eat anyway.. tree bark and acorns? Some grass? No idea. Atleast with a sheep you know it's just grass in there. Still have 2 ducks left but they're not going over well again.. should I even call the receptionist at my old vet and ask if her hubby wants to get rid of his kills again? The taxidermist is another option I might exercise. Afterall he is only a mile and a half from my house.


Goose Down Plucker

This isn't really a full post about raw feeding but it is hilarious. It's the Dirty Jobs episode where Mike Rowe goes to a duck and goose processor but the best part is Trudy. Fast forward to the 20 minute mark for the full episode and you'll understand. Informative AND funny!



Ever wonder...

.. what happens when you put a chicken thigh in a Vita Mix? I did and found out it makes a disgusting looking unprocessed Spam product. I was attempting ground food for Trevor, as he refuses fat, skin, bone, organ and not having a handy grinder, but a food processor, I gave it a whirl (literally). Turns out Trevor hated the pate' and I used it to stuff Kongs for the dogs. Waverli, my non picky cat loved the chicken paste but I didn't get her used to it for fear she'd demand, essentially, pre-chewed food. You just never know with cats. If only I had gotten a picture before I used it up. I have the rest in Kongs now but it doesn't show the full effect unless it's globbed in a container on top of itself.. with all it's fatty, stringy, weird colored goodness. I think if Trevor refused pureed raw I won't bother with a grinder. On to Plan B which hasn't been formulated yet.